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Ignite Wellness

Marti Susanne Hobby

Having been using the Kyäni triangle for approximately 6 weeks I would like to provide you with feedback on my findings.

Having had a fatigue-based illness 7 years ago, means I have to reduce my stress as much as possible, and keep myself fit, healthy and well as I get ‘burnt out’ very quickly indeed, seem to not have the go go go stamina of many in Dubai!!

Like many I have a very hectic schedule in Dubai and still struggle with fatigue related symptoms frequently, often meaning I have to pull back from social events and evenings out in favour of rest and sleep.

I have to report to you since I have been using the Kyani Nitro Xtreme, Sunrise and Sunset I have noticed a marked improvement in my ability to sustain the schedule I have AND even more obvious is I’m able to engage more in social events given this schedule!!

My energy levels are up, particularly noted in a morning and later in the afternoon and over all “feel” my general wellbeing has been improved.

Moving forward, I would very much like to support this product and post on my own social media (Facebook &

Instagram). My main interest here is to share my experience and the availability of the product here in the UAE.

Any further background knowledge you can give me would be great.

Again many thanks 🙂

World Champion Free Diver

Jesper Stechman

World Champion Jesper Stechmann has always been drawn to the challenge of ocean freediving. “I became obsessed with the idea to dive to 100 meters on a single breath” says Jesper, “I tried several times to achieve that without success. Then just three months after being introduced to Kyäni, I reached my goal of 100 meters.” Jesper can hold his breath for up to 8 minutes, a feat that he feels was not possible before he started using Kyäni products to increase his endurance and aid in his recovery after each dive.



Ganon Baker played Basketball in high school, college and overseas in Iceland before coming back to the U.S. to try out for the Denver Nuggets. After sustaining an injury, he founded his own elite basketball training camp for youth. As a Nike Skill Development Trainer, he has worked with Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Chris Paul, Vince Carter and Amar’e Stoudemire. “I love the Kyäni products,” says Ganon. “They give me the edge that I need. The Sunrise™ and Sunset™ keep my body healthy. The Nitro Xtreme gives me that boost of energy when I have a hard workout or camp.”